Wood Elf Outlander Ranger (2) – Slaves of Troustar Character Back Story

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You in the World

If your short life – for elf years – has taught you anything, it’s that you don’t quite fit in anywhere. You might be an elf but you have the curiosity of a human and the drinking capacity of a battle dwarf. This made you unpopular among your classmates in the elvish capital of Myrast and soon you had had enough and decided to explore the forests of your world making a living trading furs and foraged items from the Palarian Forest where you picked up Dwarvish, trading with the Todmin Empire.

But that still was not enough to sate your wanderlust. One drunken blurry night in the Dwarven capital of Vem Lodur you meet a very charismatic and considerably handsome blond warrior – well for a human anyway – named Bartleby who seduces you with stories of adventure, mystery and intrigue. As you leave his cot the next morning you eyes caress his muscled body. No regrets. While the love of the previous night was a joy, what he has to offer for your future is far more interesting – Spying for the most multicultural nation ever known, Velsuvia.

Over the last year, your tasks have been simple, keep to your favoured environment, the forest and observe and report. At last a purpose for your travel instead of a soulless whim.

Your latest mission was to travel to the Turm Forest and observe the unusual movements of brigands in the area who seem to be kidnapping people and using old smuggler’s trails. A side mission for you has been to observe the progress of three companions an elf like yourself, a dwarf and a human monk. Should they get into trouble you are to intervene and if you see fit join their party.

NOTE: Don’t give away who you work for or who is your controller, Bartleby.

At last you finally come across some brigands. You have been observing their whereabouts for two days now until you recognise the three companions described to you. What to do…

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