‘D n Dizzle! You clever soul, you,’ you think sarcastically as you peruse the pages of this tome in search of new ways to torment your players or stick one to the dungeon master.

‘Lame dragon with lame sunglasses and chain’, you sneer as you examine the details of a campaign you might just, “acquire” for yourself.

You bark a short bitter laugh at a spelling mistake as you read this guys benign opinions on gaming styles, encounter strategies and ridiculous ideas.

You chortle at his absolute disregard for the one true edition, that hallowed treatise of the Pathfinder, as the infantile crayon drawing of his mind sprawls out onto the page like some technicolor vomit of 5e.

You cackle manically at the pathetic excuses of maps and artwork that was clearly plagiarised from Coco the gorilla as your fingers nimbly right click to download.

You depart, ravaging the author’s mind of tidbits of information barely beyond banality and victorious in the knowledge of your own superiority.


You’re very welcome.