Human Paladin Soldier – Slaves of Troustar Character Back Story

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You in the World

The military has always been in your bloodline, but something is just not right about it. You grew up in the warmer southern reaches of the Vesluvian Empire in Raglow. Even before the reign of Lord Vecevious, Raglow has been the training grounds for the Vesluvian military. It is a strategic place too. To the west lies the Orcan Planes and it requires no small amount of presence to keep the peace with the Orcs who are often want to forget that raping and pillaging is no longer the status quo in the world. And across the Bellofaster Sea to the East lies the dragonborn empire of Ch’Rath. The Ch’Rath are merchants and the very loosest sense of the term and often need to be deterred from the Vesluvian shores.

Over the past months your concerns about the increasing hostilities with the Orcs and rumours of the Vesluvian navy being compromised have started to stir the barracks. Your superiors are tight-lipped to point of cruelty to those who ask too many questions.

You have had enough of the lies and the corruption. Clearly Lord Vecevious is running Ac Rumb for his own sinister designs. Your posting has come to an end and it is not a hard decision to hand in your discharge papers. The only pull at your heartstrings is the disappointment from your family. You excuse your discharge as a pilgrimage to find deeper knowledge alluding to the chance to return to the military once you are done. That seems to have appeased them.

You set off north to the monastic town of Mia Partis. You spend months in one of the monasteries until one of the brothers bluntly informs you that must leave the monastery, ‘to refine your skills on the road.’ You suspect that there is a hidden hand behind this decisions but you keep quiet.

Hearing of trouble to the west with brigands in the Turm Forest and an infestation of spiders near the town of Turm you make your way to see if you can uncover the cause of these problems.

Ac Rumb
You have seen little of the mighty city of Ac Rumb. Apart from leading the guard to transport high ranking figures to the capital you have not really have had much leisure time in the city. You still have some old military contacts though should you need a guide for a great night on the town.

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