Half Elf Water Monk – Slaves of Troustar Character Back Story

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You in the World

You embark from Mia Partis heading northeast aboard a small open deck merchant vessel to the mighty centre of culture, Ac Rumb. A lifetime in the Monastery of O has filled you with the refreshing clarity that an only absolute devotion to the element of water can provide. This devotion to the mysteries of O, arduous training in it its secret arts and long hours of contemplation, have prepared you well for a life in the order but not a life in the world. The final step in your novitiate is to embark and explore the world. Is there are secret mission you must undertake or were you sent merely to experience the world and return when the water calls you? Or was there another reason…?

Your small monastery rests on one of the tiny delta islands that make up the river town of Mia Partis. Your monastery’s island is known by the locals as Reg A’sm. Loosely translated from the old tongue this means, shuddering eruption. It was thought, that centuries ago when the first pilgrims of the order of O appeared in Mia Partis and used their powerful ki energy on the waters of the delta to erupt forth the island causing the lands to convulse and shudder.

You are aware of little beyond the walls of the monastery. Your rare ventures to the port of Mia Partis to help the monks of the order to officiate on the various launches of sailing vessels are the few times you can obverse the world. However, the monks do what they can to prepare their young novices for their final task by teaching them to meditate on simulated tasks they might experience in the world beyond the monastery [player – a background could be developed as a meditation].

Since you first arrived at the doorstep of the monastery of O, you have seen the construction of a number of new churches, temples and monasteries in the city. It is rumoured that Lord Vecevious, the Patrician of Ac Rumb had denied any further development of religious sites in the city, preferring to move them to Mia Partis to, ‘develop commerce in the region.’ However, the gossip in the region suggests that it might have been a devious plan to drain the religious power out of the city.

Player, consider these questions to develop your background – When did you first come to the monastery? What has your life given you? What secrets do you hold? Why did you decide to take this journey?

Ac Rumb

Your knowledge of the great city of Ac Rumb is limited to the overheard conversations and gossip you pick up on your infrequent journeys with the monks to officiate on tasks around the city of Mia Partis. Ac Rumb is a bustling city; a centre-point where many civilizations converge. It is the capitol of the mostly human Vesluvian Empire of which Mia Partis is also a erh…part.

Merchants and sailors are often heard grumbling about the Patrician’s harsh policies and mysterious silencing of dissenters. However, to your observant mind, you suspect the complaints are more a result of the constriction of dubious dealings they can no longer get away with in the capitol.

Your Story Begins

As your merchant vessel from Mia Partis weighs anchor in the Bay of Ac Rumb, you already notice the cargo and transport ferries rowing their way to your ship. You take in the air and sense the water below you. It reeks of civilization; murky and dirty with human waste. But there is an ancient energy in the water, something that stimulates and fascinates you.

Looking up you see the great walls of the Palace of Ac Rumb glowing almost golden in the late afternoon sun. Spires, towers and fortifications reach out from behind the walls. What great plans and dealings has Lord Vecevious made within those walls? Stretching to either side of the palace runs the city walls and beyond those the city.

Where would the Butcher’s Arm be, you wonder. You may need to ask for directions.

You thank the captain, collect your meagre belongings, take a deep breath and centre your mind before setting forth into the mighty city.

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