Wood Elf Ranger Outlander – Slaves of Troustar Character Back Story

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You in the World

You embark from deep within the great Elven forest of Alastia between two great elven cities Myrast on the Lake of Haloust to the south and the forested city of Estbara in the north.

Wood elves are solitary beings preferring to inhabit their own pockets of forest with their own family groups or small villages. You however, were born with the eyes of the distant traveller; always in focus for what lays beyond the next valley and over the next range.

In your comparatively young life you have travelled to almost all parts of the Alastian forest. This is no mean feat. The forest is vast and runs from the Brofous ranges in the west to the Forgotten Territories in the east, and from the gnomish kingdom of the Pinnacle Mountains in the South.

A shy race, you rarely communicate with other cultures and races, preferring the solitude and protection of the forest, but recently something has changed. Something is calling you to wander yet further.

On a recent journey to the southern edge of the Alastian Forest you notice a flyer written in elvish inviting you on a great adventure. Clearly written by a human this wasted parchment of verbosity was nevertheless  a crude sign that your next step must be made out beyond the sweet forest of your home.

What has your life given you? What secrets do you hold? Why did you decide to take this journey?

Ac Rumb

Wandering the great forest of Alastian has ill prepared you for the city of Ac Rumb. Of course you have visited many cities and villages in your time, but they have been all Elvish – all civilized. From the stories you hear, Ac Rumb is the very cesspool of culture, though you think the term ‘cesspool’ might have more to do with elvish arrogance than the true nature of the city.

The patrician of Ac Rumb and indeed the human Vesluvian  empire (though now said to be a mixed empire) is known as Lord Vecevious. He is oddly revered among the elven rulers and some could say, almost feared. In any regard, he is far better than the former king of Vesluvia, the mad king Jelofar. It is also rumoured that the counsel of Myrast surreptitiousness aided Vecevious attain power after the kings disappearance.

Your Story Begins

You have come far by river and land to the city of Ac Rumb. You stand before the blue-grey eastern gates of the mighty city. Sights, smells and sounds invade your senses. The bustle of short lives living some strange hurried race swarm about you.

High above, the walls reaches a great tower vibrating a purple glow of magic. A magicians school, you wonder.

Behind you and to your left you sense one of your own kind. The first you have seen since entering the sprawling outskirts of the city. Strangely, you turn away from them in an attempt to hide in shame.

Curios. You contemplate this emotion for a moment, before re-shouldering your pack and entering the city.

Where might the Butcher’s Arm be?

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