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NPC’s for Slaves of Troustar – D&D 5e Campaign

Lint to Slaves of Troustar Contents Page‘Administrator’ is a relatively loose term for the quiet, stoic mountains of muscles who make up the personal guard of the Patrician of Vesluvia, Lord Vecevious. Rumored to have been hand picked from the Assassins Guild these guards are elite fighters.

The murmurings throughout the recent history of Vesluvia suggest that the Administrators had the rather unfortunate duty of being the clean up crew for Jelofar before his catastrophic rise to kinghood and later disappearance. Under the command of King Alostan, the Administrator’s duties were to follow in the wake of Prince Jelofar’s ‘parties’, cleaning, repairing, healing and occasionally silencing those who fell victim to the princes whims. It is said that their job was to work in the shadows to mend what they could of the damage the prince and his entourage caused. King Alostan gave them the name Administrator to disguise the ugly work that they did.

At the time many of the Administrators became disaffected by their work. Some disappeared while others stayed on. Over time, those that stayed began to secretly change the mission of the Administrators. Instead of merely cleaning up after the Prince’s brutality, they actively sort intelligence and engineered situations that would stifle or at least lessen the harm that the Prince inflicted.

After death of King Alostan, Jelofar, now king, sort to hunt these rumoured Administrators out. It appears, however, that had vanished. This enraged Jelofar and many an innocent lost their life being accused of being an Administrator.  

It is believed that during this time some of the Administrators infiltrated court and became spies for the Administrators. Others merged with the Assassin’s Guild to train and wait for the right moment to strike again.

Five years after the start of Jelofar’s reign, an assassin was getting a rather good reputation for rendering people dead. This assassin’s ghost-like stealth and careful attention to detail soon made him a folk legend. Bar wenches, ever known for their shameless vulgarity were often heard postscripting these tales with such remarks as, “Ooh! I’d let ‘em have a crack at taking my life, if ya know what I mean.” Most did. Unfortunately.

Many believe that this assassin was none other than Lord Vecevious, Patrician of Vesluvia. Some believe it to be Short Bob, the pie man, but they are a little bit silly.

The story goes that Vecevious, a former noble himself, took the mantle of Head Administrator and concocted a plan to rid the kingdom of the King and return peace to the realm. With the support of his Assassin’s Guild trained Administrators this was conducted with minimal fuss.

Vecevious, however, did not take the throne. Instead, he decreed that he and his Administrators were merely place holders until the King or a suitable heir could be located. Fifty years on, and King Jelofar has yet to be found and many a possible heir has relocated.

Today, Lord Vecevious, run the administrative aspects of the Vesluvian Kingdom and act as the Patrician’s personal spies. They are effective, efficient and mostly silent.

Around the Ac Rumb palace and on formal business, the Administrators wear dark grey thick linen trousers with a fine wool-cotton blend knitted long sleeve top fits ther well formed upper torso well.

While many of the publically viewed Administrators are  humans. There are many Administrators of varying humanoid origin and gender who word in the shadows.

When away from public duties the Administrators wear any number of variety of clothing designed to help them infiltrate, observe and do more serious things. Here, they usually wear some form of leather armour.

The Administrators that work most closely with Lord Vecevious are Percy, the Patrician’s personal man servant; Purdy, Head Administrator; and Hurse, Kurat and Nimrod, the general duties men of the Administrators. All of these men are fiercely loyal to Vecevious and are immune to charm.

Other assassins not named below could be matched similarly to the NPC in the D&D 5e Monster Manual p343.


Percy - StatblockLord Vecevious’ Personal man. Percy spends most of his time with Lord Vecevious as his personal aid and protector (not that Veceviuos Needs Protecting). Percy, like his companions, is the strong-silent type. However, Percy has a very dry sense of humour which he shares almost exclusively with his Lord. He projects this humor by making telling comments about the state of affairs that Vecevious is currently working on or asking innocent questions. He is essentially the voice inside Lord Vecevious’ head.

Percy is a tall muscular man of 6’2’’. Above his bull-like neck you see a strong pale face with penetrating calm light-grey eyes. His hair is cult very closely to his scalp.

Percy is surprisingly skilled at speed drawing, and Lord Vecevious often indulges him in his craft when callers meet with the Patrician. When Percy makes a speed drawing he bunches a pen in his fist and he sticks his tounge out in concentration very similar to a child.

The Patrician is often please with Percy’s result and the reaction of his guests.

Percy’s martial skills lies in his deft use of knives. He is highly skilled at both throwing and fight with a knife in each hand.


Purdy - Administrator NPC for Slaves of Troustar a D&D 5e Short and stocky Purdy is a cunning administrator and a skilled cross-bowman (Rolls with advantage for any heavy crossbow attacks). He is often the most talkative of the Partrician’s close guard of Administrators, but that is not saying much…literally.

Purdy could almost be described as a square brick, almost as wide as he is tall at 5’6’’. His black eyes and close cropped military cut make for an intimidating character.

Purdy also carries a poison tipped battle axe and dagger.

Hurse & Kurat

Hurse or Kurat - Administrator NPC for Slaves of Troustar a D&D 5e campaign.Hurse and Kurat are identical twins. Their dark almond skin enhances the definition of their muscles. Hurse and Kurat are as close as they come and will fight at advantage if they are within 5’ of the other. These two men are apt in the art of dart. They also excel in creating chemical concoction. You could say they are evil with a needle (too far?). In normal ranged combat these two have a number of chemical-tipped darts at their disposal. See the end of this. 

The twins also carry a mace each. On the surface, these mace seem little more that city guard issue, but they have fine holes bored into them. In the centre of the club running up to a sealed lid at the haft end of the weapon is a small tract where poison flows. When the weapon is swung a small bead of poison re-coats the mace ends.

Quantity and Type of Dart Each Twin Carries

Effect Quantity Of Darts Each
Blinded 4
Charmed 4
Charmed 2
Unconscious 2
Poisoned 30



Nimrod - Administrator NPC for Slaves of TroustarNimrod is a veritable mountain of a man coming in a 7’. An unlikely spy, because as the peasants would say, he stands out like dog’s balls. His mountainous physique easily enables him to wield a greatsword. Not that it is generally needed, but Nimrod’s greatsword also contains hidden poison tracts that release poison to recoat the weapon.

Nimrod also has the uncanny ability of hiding in plain sight.  Perhaps it is because he look more like landscape than an actual person.


Siphone - Administrator NPC for Slaves of Troustar a D&D 5e campaign.Thought by many to be a serving girl this half-elf is in fact the leader of the clandestine faction of the Administrator. Siphone runs thousands of spies around the world in the service of Vesluvia. Her childlike physique and simple dress often make her appear like a serving girl easily allowing her to be ignored while she meets with her contacts, listens in on conversations and completes the occasional ‘job’. She has a plain face with mousey gray hair. She often carries a mean pair of knuckle dusters(poisoned of course), but is equally adept at short sword(Yup, you guessed it, poisoned) and has an accuracy at throwing everyday objects that results in serious damage.





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