Re’ Stam No’e Gnud – The Origin of the Name

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The World for the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Campaign: Slaves of Troustar

See what I did there? The very height of cleverness, I know, but I was having a slow brain day and I kinda like how it turned out.

For the remote humanoid cat-people known as the Purrs who reside in a distant valley of the Forgotten Territories, Purrusa – the great cat herder – created the giant sand box know to the rest of the world as Re’ Stam No’e Gnud. These people believe that this world was created for them to find dark crevices to fit in, knock carefully placed objects off and to generally feels a blissful sense of apathy towards. The remoteness of the Purrs has lead them to believe that they are the only cognizant creatures in the realm even when the occasional adventurer makes their way to these far reaches they often ignore the person, unless of course this adventurer is in their comfy spot. Then there is blood…a lot of blood.

The Origin of the Name

But for the rest of the world we are concerned about, how did such a long and convoluted name come about?

Well, committee of course.

Some fifty years past, a fragile peace was forged between the Human empire of Vesluvia, the Elf empire of Alastia and the Dwarf Kingdom of Todimn. Each empire had a name for the world and after months of bickering and threats Lord Vecevious, Patrician of the Vesluvian Empire calmly interjected, suggesting that all names for the world be forged into one and that a public draw be made to determine which name would determine its order.

Krom's Pass - A centre point for Vesluvia, Alastia and Todimn

Vecevious suggested that the draw be held with much fanfare and celebration at a place where the three empires converge – Kroms Pass. The pass is nestled in a valley carved out over millennia by the Melefous River. The steep mountains of the Brofous Ranges in the North and the Garuhm Ranges in the South offered, at the time, excellent vantage points for each kingdom’s best marksman should festivities go sour.


The Names of the World of  Re’ Stam No’e Gnud for Each of the Three Main Kingdoms in the Region
Empire Race Name of World
Vesluvia Human (Now Mixed) Re’Stam
Alastia Elf No’e
Todimn Dwarf Gnud


To much ritual (hastily ad libbed, but nevertheless impressive), all three leaders of the empires drew straws simultaneously. The longer straw would have their name of the world places on the left; the smallest straw their name on the right; and the middle straw, quite obviously in the middle. Perhaps all but Lord Vecevious seemed less than impressed with the arrangement, but fortunately due the most public nature of the act the other leaders quickly justified why the name of their country took prime position in the new creation: Re’ Stam No’e Gnud.

Years later, historians would pick apart the symbolism of the positioning of the names and write theses on their rational. However, the general consensus among academics posits that Re’ Stam was first because Vesluvia is to the west along the coast of the Bellofaster Sea. The Dwarves name for the world, Gnud was positioned to the right (but never said to be positioned last) because of the fingers of the Todimn Rangers reaching out east to the Forgotten Territories, and, because their ancient script once read from right to left.

Finally, the Elves believed that their middle placement of the name of the world, No’e, was layered thick in symbolism (something elves are quite pleased about). First they believe that they are at the centre of the world. They are also nestled safely within the Alastian Forest. Finally, the elves believe themselves the voice of reason. They believe that their long years have given them the experience necessary to moderate any agreement or conflict. Of course, their belief often is incongruent with the reality. There are countless other justification for the positioning of their name, but quite frankly, this human only has so many years to live.

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