Introduction to Slaves of Troustar

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Murmerings of  slave trade, increased Orcan raids from the southern plains and, tensions between the dwarvish empire of Todimn and the elves of the Alastian Empire are putting considerable strain on the Vesluvian Empire and the region. Patrician of Vesluvia, Lord Vecevious, may not be able to hold on to this hard won peace that he forged some fifty years past. Will there be war or can someone forge out a new peace to the region.

Little do the leaders of these realms know, something old, something dark, something from those Forgotten Territories now only mentioned in song and stories to scare children is causing the decent and unrest among the empires in an attempt to weaken them. The followers of Troustar – a dark being set on returning the Forgotten Territories to it’s former glory – are working in the shadows to create war.

Just as the first glimmer of trouble reaches out into the region, a flyer offering adventure to those who have the courage and spirit to join a merry groups of, no doubt, future heroes reaches the four corners of Re’ Stam Noe Gnud (see what I did there? Genius!). Of course, riches await. Heroes are to meet at the Butcher’s Arm, a non descript Inn in the heart of the most multicultural city in all of Re’ Stam Noe Gnud, Ac Rumb in the capital of Vesluvia.

Adventurers with visions of grandeur swarm to the Ac Rumb to answer the call of this flyer. Some don’t make it to the city gates others disappear inside the cities walls. Those who miss the appointed time at the Butcher’s Arm are left confused and angry. There appears to be no sign of a meeting to arrange this adventure and the drunken idiot who owns the Butcher’s Arm knows nothing of this meeting..

Days later, a small band of ‘adventurers’ find themselves gently rocked awake. The smell of mold, rot, tar and a faint scent of the sea penetrates their throbbing heads. It is dark. Unnaturally dark. One tries to move only to sense the chill of metal around their neck and wrists. Panic begins to set in as they feel their clothes have be replaced by harsh burlap rags.

Can they befriend these strangers and work together to find out where they are and how to get out? Feelings of adventure abandon them. Now they just want to get home.

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