Setup for Slaves of Troustar

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Now that the scene has been set for the start of this campaign, we can dive into the setup.

What You Need To Play

This is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign and requires:

  • The Players Handbook 5e
  • The Monster Manual 5e
The Monster Manual 5e
The Monster Manual 5e
The Player's Handbook 5e
The Player’s Handbook 5e





Most of the other maps, encounter material, artwork, NPC stats, and history can be found on this website.

Maps and artwork can be used digitally or printed as the Dungeon Master (DM) sees fit.

A copy of the Dungeon Master’s Guide would also be beneficial, but not essential.

Resources for Slaves of Troustar can be found on the campaign’s index page, searhed through or browsed using the categories:

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Re’ Stam No’e Gnud – A Brief History from the Perspective of Vesluvia

A region map of Re Stam Noe Gnud for the DnD 5e Campaign Slaves of Troustar

Re’ Stam No’e Gnud: Part 2Lint to Slaves of Troustar Contents Page

For Part 1 of Re’ Stam No’e Gnud: The Origin of the Name

Empires Unified

The unification and naming of Re’ Stam No’e Gnud is a microcosm of the relationship between the empires for many thousands of years. For much of the time the empires have been at conflict in some form of other, while on the rare occasion, there have been bouts of short lasting peace.

Approximately two thousand years ago, there seems to have been a major unification of the nations, but oddly, there are few records that have lasted from that time. What historians do know is that the unification was forged to fight a greater, more sinister force from a realm well known in the past, but lost to many today. This dark force emanated from what is now known as Forgotten Territories.

It appears that this unification ended soon after a massive geological event rendered the lands between east and west asunder (Yeah, I just wanted to use ‘asunder’ in a sentence). This event, know as The Rift was felt throughout, causing worldwide collapse of many structures and a number of subsequent fires, leading historians to suggest that this might have been the cause of the dearth of information since those times. Other academics disagree and have more conspiratorial views.

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Re’ Stam No’e Gnud – The Origin of the Name

A region map of Re Stam Noe Gnud for the DnD 5e Campaign Slaves of Troustar

Re’ Stam No’e Gnud: Part 1Lint to Slaves of Troustar Contents Page


The World for the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Campaign: Slaves of Troustar

See what I did there? The very height of cleverness, I know, but I was having a slow brain day and I kinda like how it turned out.

For the remote humanoid cat-people known as the Purrs who reside in a distant valley of the Forgotten Territories, Purrusa – the great cat herder – created the giant sand box know to the rest of the world as Re’ Stam No’e Gnud. These people believe that this world was created for them to find dark crevices to fit in, knock carefully placed objects off and to generally feels a blissful sense of apathy towards. The remoteness of the Purrs has lead them to believe that they are the only cognizant creatures in the realm even when the occasional adventurer makes their way to these far reaches they often ignore the person, unless of course this adventurer is in their comfy spot. Then there is blood…a lot of blood.

The Origin of the Name

But for the rest of the world we are concerned about, how did such a long and convoluted name come about?

Well, committee of course.

Some fifty years past, a fragile peace was forged between the Human empire of Vesluvia, the Elf empire of Alastia and the Dwarf Kingdom of Todimn. Each empire had a name for the world and after months of bickering and threats Lord Vecevious, Patrician of the Vesluvian Empire calmly interjected, suggesting that all names for the world be forged into one and that a public draw be made to determine which name would determine its order.

Krom's Pass - A centre point for Vesluvia, Alastia and Todimn

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Introduction to Slaves of Troustar

Slaves of Troustar Art for Dungeons and Dragons 5e Campaign

001 – StoryLint to Slaves of Troustar Contents Page

Murmerings of  slave trade, increased Orcan raids from the southern plains and, tensions between the dwarvish empire of Todimn and the elves of the Alastian Empire are putting considerable strain on the Vesluvian Empire and the region. Patrician of Vesluvia, Lord Vecevious, may not be able to hold on to this hard won peace that he forged some fifty years past. Will there be war or can someone forge out a new peace to the region.

Little do the leaders of these realms know, something old, something dark, something from those Forgotten Territories now only mentioned in song and stories to scare children is causing the decent and unrest among the empires in an attempt to weaken them. The followers of Troustar – a dark being set on returning the Forgotten Territories to it’s former glory – are working in the shadows to create war.

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